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Bakti Siswa (Day 3)

I like the above picture. Is actually Kak Siti asked us to pose like dat.

The very early in the morning (8 am), my Sponser Unit need to be there early to help Food Unit to prepare food. However, only 3 of us at there punctually, Athirah, Ola and me. Sahira came later. But the cleaning of pots and plates did not really need lots of people. Four of us there were sufficient.

Later I noticed Ada was frying fishes, I went to help, Athirah came later, and ended up Athirah and me fried the fish together. She teached me how to know whether the fishes had fried.

This was the famous dish in Pahang. It is called Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak. I wondered what is tempoyak mean?

Ok well, Dr Sophia's husband really ..... Ask us to go away from the chairs so that he can take photo with his wife, upacara bersanding. (>.<)

Our adopt father insisted that we should drink Pandan Coconut Juice. On the last day finally, our bekas komandan abang picked some pandan coconut for us. Later he even picked some young coconut for us to eat the coconut flesh. Now only i know the the best coconut flesh is from the young coconut.

This is what i always do to fill in little gap in or between activities -- read new moon. So addicted to the story.

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