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Bakti Siswa (Some thought)

When I knew I became the Head of Sponser Unit, I was quite nervous, especially when I was informed that I need to find money up to RM29000! However fortunately our Director of Program (my roommate!) told us that that the house will not be build at the village. Phew, but still need to find RM5000.

We went through every parts of Johor we know, ask humbly for the money, some of the shopkeepers were generous, which give us up to RM100 or RM50, but there were also a lot of shopkeepers who shoo us away, without giving us any money. Throught the finding-for-sponser-process, I knew that we need to be brave, and this E-in taught me a lot. When I paired with her to find sponser, we dared ourself to go to every shops, and many times the shopkeeper suprised us with 50 bucks or 100 bucks. We need to try every posibility. Thanks to Dr Sophia (first right picture below) too for driving us out, without any hesitation. And also to the participants to help us gather RM150 each person in their hometown, and toll up the RM5000. Besides that, at the very last minutes, we received RM6000 from Kip Mart Tampoi, make our amount toll up to RM6000 plus. The most important is, thanks to all my comitee members, Adlisa, Aqilah, E-in, Madi, Sahira and Zeti for the full coorperation in finding the money. (n.n)

Nurul (middle in above picture) is the director of this program. This program success, no last minute work a least, I salute her much. She poured a lot of her time in this, and also a lot of sleepless night because of this.

Tok Pat (my adopt dad), me and Mak Norma (my adopt mum).
Tok Pat treated us equally. Mak Norma kept asking us to eat, and my belly added some incies.

Our tukang masak in the village, Mak Ngah. She looked so happy taking pictures with us.

Our brother, son of Tok Pat, bekas komandan (as he always mentioned).

Our sister, daugther of Tok Pat (in red scaft), her child Hidayah and husband. As a lecturer in UiTM Macang, she can speak english to us, most of the time.

I enjoyed the program much. Thanks to everyone. (n.n)

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