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Clothes and Laundry

     I would like to talk something about the differences between laundry in Malaysia and UK.

     When doing laundry in UK, I need to reconsider again and again. First of all, it's expensive. In my house it is £1.70 per machine wash. And when I look at the lable new clothes I bought, "wash below this and that temperature", "hand wash only" blah blah blah, I was too confusing. Thus I made the decision to wash all my clothes by myself. So, guess what happen? The water from the clothes was dripping everywhere. :( People here just don't hang their clothes under the sun. (oh, I still need to get used to the four season country)

      Another interesting thing is that, they don't use or sell pails here! When I try to type "PAIL" in www.argos.co.uk and www.ikea.com/gb/en/, the word "PAIL" can't be found at all. Besides that, I can't see any pail in the laundry room as well.
No pails is selling here! 

      Right, it takes time to get use to the life here. Still keeping my finger cross for JPA. ><

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Going Around London

Ieda and me go to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and China Town last Wednesday. Enjoy the view but hate walking. 

Hyde Park

Dont know what is this building called

Its so beautiful

And me.

The well known Buckingham guard. It looked so fake. 

Ieda with the guard

They are marching for the Guard Changing ceremony

Guard changing ceremony

There are so many people and I dont know where the horse came from

Me with Buckingham Palace

Ieda with the guard.

Me with big ben! 

And this is the scene that we always saw in advertisement

Eye of London. The posing will be good without the umbrella! 

Brought this at Primark. Guess how much it cost. 20 pound (approx RM100)! In Malaysia it would be RM200 and above

Long sleeves at Primark. The shirt is quite affordable here. The grey one is comfortable (6pound), the white one is surprisingly warming although it is not thick (5pound), the striped one (4pound).

Guess why am I so sad about this? Not the price but the expiry date! 
Alright, these are some update from me today. I will update what I cooked, maybe tomorrow when I am free. 

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Okay I admit this is where am I now. I just don't like to 'announce' in the social website (to be exact Facebook and Twitter), cause it might makes people envy of me. Haha. It actually feel uneasy haha. However, I wrote this because I want my friends get update of my activities and also wrote down my memories when I can.

I flew to Dubai with Emirates, then to Heathrow, London with Qantas. The thing I like the most on the plane is the food! I always get to be served before other because I order Hindu Meals (can't eat beef). So below is my food, just share like others always did:

Emirates Dinner

Qantas Breakfast

After I reached (usually people use touched) Heathrow, I took Heathrow Connect to Paddington Station, where I met a very helpful UCL girl called Christine. She travelled all the way from Euston Station to Paddington Station to show me the way to Victoria League. Carrying a total of 37kg luggage all the was exhausted, plus it was really cold out there. 

And after half an hour I guess, we reached Victoria League! And I must admitted that I really like this place and the atmosphere here. Here I list down why I like it: 
1) It antique, vintage and Victoria-styled
2) There is a kitchen in my room (although it does not separated with my bed), and I pay the lowest rent
3) There are pianos and we are allowed to use it ! It is two grand pianos and one upright piano.
4) Printing (although is black and white) is free! 
5) I get to see the fireplace.
6) There is a lovely park.
7) There is a tube
8) I am staying in the Ground floor.
9) The laundry fee here is so cheap than outside's, drying in shop outside is £2, but ours is 50p
10) Victoria League (VL) provide duvet and heater so I do not need to get mine. Save a lot of pounds. 
11) Free UNLIMITED wifi and all bills are included in the rental !
12) The switch here is cute. There is a string to pull down when you want to switch on the lamp in the bathroom/ toilet (WC) and there is even a switch for the lamp in the lift !  

Below is some of the picture about this place (there is one picture only for the moment, I will update more in these few days) : 

My room. My room mate hasn't come. Its a twin room.
Victoria League front. I personally like it very much.

The garden behind Victoria League

Switch that you can switch on and off the light in the lift
Oh and if you would like to send me some present, I will be very pleasant to receive it. Here is the address:
Victoria League, 55, Leinster Square, London W2 4PW.

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