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Estee Lauder Model Search 2010 Experience

Went to Queensbay for this, with mum.

Particular that need to fill in. Wrote 5'7" and 57 kg, dont know whether it was correct or not at that time. Just simply put.

After make-up, waiting for hair-sylist.

My hair before style.

After styled.

Wear in Eclipse apparal. Shooting session after that, the cameraman guided me a lot. ^^

For this photos, the cameraman is my sister. She told me to pose like this.

I choose this photos at last, with the assistance of the people there. He did some photoshop on the chosen picture. I was already so impressed with the non-edited photo, and the photo after editted is even more *wow*. Kept looking at my photos after that. xD

Actually I joined this contest is just for fun, not really want to go in the modelling, since i think there are many of the pretties one. And I think, since I am twenty already, and I will become older the next second, should have kept my youth inside the photos.
Go to get some try shoots in Queensbay, girls! The event will be over on 13 June.

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