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Those memories still fresh (1)

I still remembered the first day I stepped into MRSM Beseri, wearing my lower secondary school t-shirt -- SMART-B, short haired. The day before that, when i went to lower secondary school to sign the "School Leaving Certificate", unbelievably, I cried and hugged my friends. Frankly, I was reluctant to go to the boarding school, especially when I imagined I was the only Chinese girl there.

When i reached MRSM Beseri, Chu Huan is the first person who greets me. She wore spectacle and wore an adorable smile, which made me felt warm. When i entered the school hall, one of the staff could not even recognise my gender.

Oh! Therefore from that day on, i sweared to leave my hair long.

Then, when i sat down in the hall, Choon Seong and Hui Ting approached me, telling me the schedule of MRSM Beseri, and made me relieve that there were still have a lot of Chinese senior to guide me.

During the orientation which organized by Nons senior, I choose Poh Hee to be my model, and i decorate her with a Hawayi-girl style। At the beginning, i was quite nervous to see others keep decorating their models, while i stood stonily there, thinking of how to make the fashion. After some time, i managed to do a newspaper singlet, newspaper gaun for her, a newpaper flower crown (what is 花圈in english?.. i am quite confuse) and also two hand-bangles. During the persentation, Lim (Woei Shyong) is the main judge (the senior told). I admitted i was quite trembled when i gave my explanation in ENGLISH. Oh my God, i never did the presentation in english, and i felt like crying. The seniors even asked a question, " Hawayi girl should not wear singlet, right? She should wear ..." Oh, at that moment, I completely ran out of idea. Fortunately, Poh Hee explained ,“This is Beseri." And for the newspaper fashion design, i became the winner(no prize), quite surprising, because i think the others fashion was superior than me. Maybe my model was beautiful, haha!

Then about my communication with cube-mates. On the first week, i did not understand a single word when they talked in their bahasa pasar. But my cube-mates were kind enough to speak bahasa baku wif me. I really like my cube-mates. They never saw the colour of skin when they mingled with you. I still remember Zainab ask a Malay friend to apologise to me when that friend broke my mp3 earphone and pretend nothing happened. I still remember Rawiah helped me to hang my clothes when my ankle sprained. And also Sofiyana, who helped me in Additional Mathematics. When the examination was around the corner, i usually gave tuition to my cube-mates, because i dont know how to pay their caring deed(can i say like this, i mean the phrase). When our hostel was known as haunted, we even slept together by combining beds. Before sleeping during the haunted period, the would recite their prayer while i recited mine, for blessing. I think this was called the unity of different races, and this is so Malaysia, and i like it very much.

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woeishoyng said...

wenying, actually you are a brilliant student , you know? i hope you can get the jpa scholarship which is your target since form 4.i know you still under "sad" mood now ...coz<<<.......>> (u even cry#$% >>how many times ad?).... right? i know, no need to lie...u deserve 2 gt the shlshp, i think n i hope so..anyway, for now, just wait for the appeal result which will cm out sooooon.. n oso enjoy ur new life at matrik kedah nxt monday.. i went der b4.. quite big...n gt one "big big" masjid which u can c frm the main door outside der..

dabeliu_y said...

woeishoyng, maybe i should be grateful to receive matriculation..