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Bakti Siswa (Day 2)

Tada! My second day breakfast! Pulut + Daging Kerbau + Ikan Masin. My addict for salted fish is always there.

In fact for the second day, I became facilitator for Kem Motivasi with the secondary students. However, the students were too few (only 10 came for the camp) and I was told to do mural (again) for SK Sekara.

"No Pain, No Gain" was the words I suggested, short and simple. Imagine if we wrote a pantun which consist of 4 lines (x.x). We were given only 3 colour, red, green and black. But thanks to Nad, we manage to produce another colour, brown, by mixing red and green and a little bit black.

The afternoon station is station game. My station need to give the primary students to smell what was the odour in the bottle. Smart children. They could guess the odour with their eyes blindfolded, and on the other hand I could not guess the smell even after I saw the colour of the odour.

In the evening, there was an Sukaneka held in front of Balai Raya. The below picture was my random pose, but i like it so much.

Below is when all the contestant ran towards us (above) to complete their tasks.
This was the part I did not really like. I had to hold an empty bottle, waiting for others to "transfer" water to the bottle from the other full bottle. The saline was like *yuck*.

At night we had Malam Kebudayaan in front of the Balai Raya. The performances were not well-prepared, but we managed to come up with somethings --- Boria dance and Nyanyian Satu Malaysia.
It was a very tiring day. I slept before I packed my luggage.

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