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Bakti Siswa (Day 1)

This is my first time sleeping at Malay Kampung. We actually went to Kampung Baru Huma Luas, Chenor, Temerloh, Pahang for Bakti Siswa. Bakti Siswa is actually a kind of activity by university to bring benefits to the village and villager there. Rui Jing, Ranjeni and I were sisters at there. I was glad that I can be the youngest. (n.n) Our father, En Asri (or Tok Pat) is the head of village. He told us that others villager might dont want to adopt us because we are from different religion. He really good to adopt us. He also told us that last time he also adopt one chinese guy from Sabah when they organise activity at the kampung. I was very happy and respect to Tok Pat that he treated us equally regardless of race and religion.

We had lunch in his house, prepared by his daughter. One of the dishes is Ikan Patin goreng. Our mother said that when you come to Pahang, you must eat Ikan Patin, because it is one of the dishes only in Pahang. The fish is only available in Sungai Pahang.

After lunch, we were told to draw mural for Bilik Gerakan Jawatan Kuasa Kebajikan dan Keselamatan (JKKK). I was in-charged to draw letter in Mahjung paper before we proceeded the painting on the wall. The weather was hot there, and I was sweating.

I done the painting too. The words JKKK is my drawing. Everyone said that the letter JKKK is the nicest, Muahahaha. I did not know I done mural before or not (or maybe I had not done for a long time), but I was satisfied with my painting skill.

By the way, the words M for HUMA I did spoilt it I admit. However, the words were still nice from far.
At night, we went to a family house to help the preparation for a wedding the next day. All of us were asked to help to prepare Bunga Telur, that is wrap the boiled egg in the blue net, and then tied it with a blue string. It was my first time to do this!!

The Bunga Telur were then put on a bottle-like things (I dont know what it is called).

Rui Jing and me is showing our first-done-Bunga-Telur in our live.

Below is my most satisfied Bunga Telur wrap.

Tree of bunga telur.

Our hand became blue after the wrapping process. You know why? Because the boiled eggs were wet, and the net is blue, so when our hand took the boiled eggs, our hand became wet, and when it is in contact with the blue net and blue thread, our hand is "dye" blue.

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jj_ing said...

i like the photo v took with the first done bunga telur~my mum said v look alike..lol..^.<

dabeliu_y said...

lolx.. haha.. maybe our great great great great grandfather is siblings.

jj_ing said...

kinda funny~but is POSSIBLE...lol^.^

Zeenathul Azreen said...

Hai, I am Zeenathul Azreen, a student from UIA. I'm planning to do a Baktisiswa programme in UIA and the place u've mentioned in this entry is kinda interesting. So, would u pls give me the contact no of any participants/faci who joined this programme? Thanks a lot. :D