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Polluted Beach (Media Coverage)

Living things found dead in the polluted beach at Pengerang.

This is my first time, paying visit to the polluted beach, which is beside Tanjung Kapal Beach Resort, the place is called Pengerang. At first, we thought we are going to the beach to clean rubbish, pick up rubbish and so on. Therefore, I even bring my shorts, extra clothes and slipper to change at there.

However when we reach there, we saw Raja Zarith (Sultanah Johor), Datuk Azalina Othman and our UTM vice-cansellor, Prof Datuk Dr Zaini Ujang. I never expect I was attending a event with royal people. Cool. Everyone is keeping taking pictures of Sultanah Johor, and interview her. Reporters were with their DSLR and video camera, interview Sultanah Johor. Woo hoo, I managed to take photos of Sultanah Johor.

It was raining, but not heavy (I forgot the term to describe small rain). Actually we just need to take some sample from the beach, for instance sand, small rocks, branches and some sea water, instead of picking rubbish beside the beach. The sample would be taken to UTM for lab procedure.

Our hand became dirty because we used hand to collect the samples.

You see, the sand is BLACK. Not even white. And it can reflect light, means that it contains oil in it.

The bottle is filled with sample until full.

After collecting the sample, our hand is fulled of oil. One of the participant asked us to brush our hand with sand to get rid of the oil, before washing our hand with water.
As usual, we posed to take group picture after the activities.

Girls from Kolej Tun Fatimah UTM. Boys from Palapes K11.

The next day, I saw our picture in Sin Chew Johor Edison. The fourth person is me. My face is covered by hat (>.<). I should not have wear that hat. The picture is just part of our acting. Recalled the conversation of reporter yesterday:

Reporter: I want to take photos of Satu Malaysia, please come please come to here.
(We were actually at the other side to the beach, not really near to the packs of sand, the packs of sand were not collected by us, they were already there before we reached the beach)
Reporter: Try to act naturally. Oh no, you (he point to me) go beside her (Rui Jing).
(I was beside Adlisa at that time. Then I moved next to Rui Jing)
Reporter: Try to use stick. Look inside the plastic.
He took a lot of picture, but this picture was chosen.

I never thought that the event covers much media coverage.

The Star.


TV3 reporters recorded some of the interview parts with Sultanah Johor. But I missed the TV3 news yesterday.

It is a great new experience of collecting samples at the polluted beach. We usually go to the clean beach, not the dirty one. From this activity, I know how the polluted beach look like. The sand is black, oily and the only living thing found at there is small crab. The crab could not even dig into the sand because the oil had make the sand pack, is hard to dig in. And there is also blot of oil near the rocks. When you touch the rock, it is sliperry.

Eventually, I think student of UTM going there is just to be the model to fill in the newspaper column. We did not help a lot actually. We spent 2 hours 30 minutes on bus to go to the beach, only 1 hours 30 minutes at there, and another 2 hours 30 minutes back to UTM.

Hope this event can raise the awareness of public.

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