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Schedule for a very busy July:
26/6-29/6: Training for Minggu Transformasi Mahasiswa
3/7-11/7: Minggu Transformasi Mahasiswa
15/7: Meeting with all the college contigen, due date to find RM80 for 30 Hour Famine
16/7: Meeting with all the
21/7: Pelancaran SUKAM, Freshman 2010
22/7: Freshman 2010
23/7 - 25/7: Carnival SUKAM (vice Director)
28/7: Perasmian SUKAM (incharge of performance)
3/8: Start of Japanese Class
7/8: I guess Angeline book tune hotel in Danga Bay, but dont know whether I can go
8/8: Penutup SUKAM
14/8-15/8: 30 hours Famine

I am almost not free on all the weekends.
Please prepare mentally and physically.

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Identification Card Lost

A very severe matter.
Found out when I went to ATM just now.
I must have killed by my parents if I tell them.
Think, think, think. Where you put your IC at your house?
I just took out when want to apply for debit card.

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In Johor Again

Yeah, I am in Johor AGAIN. For the preparation of SUKAM and MHS (Minggu Haluan Siswa). Do you know what i missed for going so early to UTM? I missed the gathering with Kedah Gang (haven't met Cindy, Sandy and Pei Nian) and might miss the gathering with Dee. Sigh. I miss the total of two important gathering. Yesterday's gathering with Jia Lin and Lyn also quite rush.

Let see what shall I do for this busy semester:
1) Preparing a presentation slide for Freshman 2010
2) Make sure the transportation for Freshman 2010 is ok
3) SUKAM ( I dont know how much energy I had to cope with this big (should say enormous) event iBoldn UTM, even become the timbalan for Carnival SUKAM)
4) MHS (welcoming new student) - I sound excited about this, but what if this is a huge challenge for me to. Oh yeah, need to go register again our name in KTDI on 26/6.
5) Japanese Class (gosh, I almost forget this even though I am the Director for this program, need to plan early too.)
6) Chinese Debate (Although busy, I hope I still have time to contribute to Chinese Debate)
7) Taekwondo (Despite of the busy I know I have to endure this sem, I still dare myselft to take this as extra-cocuriculum, I might have to release my tension through sweating)
8) Fac Night (Fortunately I did not take any post in here. However, I start to worry what should I wear for the dinner)
9) Play trombone for graduation (The graduation ceremony will be held in the coming September, probably after Raya, this time, need to cope with the homeworks, tests and the orkestra practice)
10) 2SGU (This should come first actually, since the purpose I go to university is to study, not to participate in the 9 event list above)

Well then, good luck to you, Wen Ying.

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Bali (n.n)

Can somebody tell me where is the place in Bali as the image shown?
Plan to go....
With: A friend of mine from MRSM
When: December (during sem break)
With what flight: Air Asia
Book flight: If there is still no promotion, the latest date to book flight is during september.
For: 5 days 4 night
Stay at: Tune Hotel (2 nights at Legian at 2 nights at Kuta)
Day 1: Penang > LCCT > Bali Airport > Legian Tune Hotel

Legian Tune Hotel

Day 2: Bungee jump (at Legain) + Surfing + other water activities

Bungee Jump


Day 3: Ubud + Kalimantani Volcano + see Barong Dance + Tanah Lot Temple (sunset is nice here) > Kuta Tune Hotel

Barong Dance

Tanah Lot Temple

Day 4: Denpasar + Jatiluwih + Pura Luhur Baturaku Temple + Pura Besakih + Hot spring


Pura Luhur Baturuku Temple
Pura Bekasih

Day 5: Celuk (Handicraft) + Shopping > Bali Airport > LCCT > Penang
Budget (estimate)
1) Flight (return) : RM 400 (hope to get cheaper)
2) Hotel (4 night) :
- one night RM100
- 4 night RM400
- divide by 2 = RM200
3) Bungee Jump = RM 328 *gasp*
4) Take surfing lessons from the Surf School based at Blue Ocean beach. Quiksilver surf school offers lessons lasting 2.5 hours for Rp 390,000 (RM138) *gasp again*
5) Transportation (either cab or bus there, because we are not old enough to get an International Driving Lesson, must be 23 years old I saw somewhere) = RM 200 for the whole trip
6) Food = RM 200
Total = Approximate RM 1500.

Eleven Place You Must See in Bali
- This is a good reference website

Better start to save money from now.

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Estee Lauder Model Search 2010 Experience

Went to Queensbay for this, with mum.

Particular that need to fill in. Wrote 5'7" and 57 kg, dont know whether it was correct or not at that time. Just simply put.

After make-up, waiting for hair-sylist.

My hair before style.

After styled.

Wear in Eclipse apparal. Shooting session after that, the cameraman guided me a lot. ^^

For this photos, the cameraman is my sister. She told me to pose like this.

I choose this photos at last, with the assistance of the people there. He did some photoshop on the chosen picture. I was already so impressed with the non-edited photo, and the photo after editted is even more *wow*. Kept looking at my photos after that. xD

Actually I joined this contest is just for fun, not really want to go in the modelling, since i think there are many of the pretties one. And I think, since I am twenty already, and I will become older the next second, should have kept my youth inside the photos.
Go to get some try shoots in Queensbay, girls! The event will be over on 13 June.

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Bakti Siswa (Some thought)

When I knew I became the Head of Sponser Unit, I was quite nervous, especially when I was informed that I need to find money up to RM29000! However fortunately our Director of Program (my roommate!) told us that that the house will not be build at the village. Phew, but still need to find RM5000.

We went through every parts of Johor we know, ask humbly for the money, some of the shopkeepers were generous, which give us up to RM100 or RM50, but there were also a lot of shopkeepers who shoo us away, without giving us any money. Throught the finding-for-sponser-process, I knew that we need to be brave, and this E-in taught me a lot. When I paired with her to find sponser, we dared ourself to go to every shops, and many times the shopkeeper suprised us with 50 bucks or 100 bucks. We need to try every posibility. Thanks to Dr Sophia (first right picture below) too for driving us out, without any hesitation. And also to the participants to help us gather RM150 each person in their hometown, and toll up the RM5000. Besides that, at the very last minutes, we received RM6000 from Kip Mart Tampoi, make our amount toll up to RM6000 plus. The most important is, thanks to all my comitee members, Adlisa, Aqilah, E-in, Madi, Sahira and Zeti for the full coorperation in finding the money. (n.n)

Nurul (middle in above picture) is the director of this program. This program success, no last minute work a least, I salute her much. She poured a lot of her time in this, and also a lot of sleepless night because of this.

Tok Pat (my adopt dad), me and Mak Norma (my adopt mum).
Tok Pat treated us equally. Mak Norma kept asking us to eat, and my belly added some incies.

Our tukang masak in the village, Mak Ngah. She looked so happy taking pictures with us.

Our brother, son of Tok Pat, bekas komandan (as he always mentioned).

Our sister, daugther of Tok Pat (in red scaft), her child Hidayah and husband. As a lecturer in UiTM Macang, she can speak english to us, most of the time.

I enjoyed the program much. Thanks to everyone. (n.n)

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Bakti Siswa (Day 3)

I like the above picture. Is actually Kak Siti asked us to pose like dat.

The very early in the morning (8 am), my Sponser Unit need to be there early to help Food Unit to prepare food. However, only 3 of us at there punctually, Athirah, Ola and me. Sahira came later. But the cleaning of pots and plates did not really need lots of people. Four of us there were sufficient.

Later I noticed Ada was frying fishes, I went to help, Athirah came later, and ended up Athirah and me fried the fish together. She teached me how to know whether the fishes had fried.

This was the famous dish in Pahang. It is called Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak. I wondered what is tempoyak mean?

Ok well, Dr Sophia's husband really ..... Ask us to go away from the chairs so that he can take photo with his wife, upacara bersanding. (>.<)

Our adopt father insisted that we should drink Pandan Coconut Juice. On the last day finally, our bekas komandan abang picked some pandan coconut for us. Later he even picked some young coconut for us to eat the coconut flesh. Now only i know the the best coconut flesh is from the young coconut.

This is what i always do to fill in little gap in or between activities -- read new moon. So addicted to the story.

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Bakti Siswa (Day 2)

Tada! My second day breakfast! Pulut + Daging Kerbau + Ikan Masin. My addict for salted fish is always there.

In fact for the second day, I became facilitator for Kem Motivasi with the secondary students. However, the students were too few (only 10 came for the camp) and I was told to do mural (again) for SK Sekara.

"No Pain, No Gain" was the words I suggested, short and simple. Imagine if we wrote a pantun which consist of 4 lines (x.x). We were given only 3 colour, red, green and black. But thanks to Nad, we manage to produce another colour, brown, by mixing red and green and a little bit black.

The afternoon station is station game. My station need to give the primary students to smell what was the odour in the bottle. Smart children. They could guess the odour with their eyes blindfolded, and on the other hand I could not guess the smell even after I saw the colour of the odour.

In the evening, there was an Sukaneka held in front of Balai Raya. The below picture was my random pose, but i like it so much.

Below is when all the contestant ran towards us (above) to complete their tasks.
This was the part I did not really like. I had to hold an empty bottle, waiting for others to "transfer" water to the bottle from the other full bottle. The saline was like *yuck*.

At night we had Malam Kebudayaan in front of the Balai Raya. The performances were not well-prepared, but we managed to come up with somethings --- Boria dance and Nyanyian Satu Malaysia.
It was a very tiring day. I slept before I packed my luggage.

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Bakti Siswa (Day 1)

This is my first time sleeping at Malay Kampung. We actually went to Kampung Baru Huma Luas, Chenor, Temerloh, Pahang for Bakti Siswa. Bakti Siswa is actually a kind of activity by university to bring benefits to the village and villager there. Rui Jing, Ranjeni and I were sisters at there. I was glad that I can be the youngest. (n.n) Our father, En Asri (or Tok Pat) is the head of village. He told us that others villager might dont want to adopt us because we are from different religion. He really good to adopt us. He also told us that last time he also adopt one chinese guy from Sabah when they organise activity at the kampung. I was very happy and respect to Tok Pat that he treated us equally regardless of race and religion.

We had lunch in his house, prepared by his daughter. One of the dishes is Ikan Patin goreng. Our mother said that when you come to Pahang, you must eat Ikan Patin, because it is one of the dishes only in Pahang. The fish is only available in Sungai Pahang.

After lunch, we were told to draw mural for Bilik Gerakan Jawatan Kuasa Kebajikan dan Keselamatan (JKKK). I was in-charged to draw letter in Mahjung paper before we proceeded the painting on the wall. The weather was hot there, and I was sweating.

I done the painting too. The words JKKK is my drawing. Everyone said that the letter JKKK is the nicest, Muahahaha. I did not know I done mural before or not (or maybe I had not done for a long time), but I was satisfied with my painting skill.

By the way, the words M for HUMA I did spoilt it I admit. However, the words were still nice from far.
At night, we went to a family house to help the preparation for a wedding the next day. All of us were asked to help to prepare Bunga Telur, that is wrap the boiled egg in the blue net, and then tied it with a blue string. It was my first time to do this!!

The Bunga Telur were then put on a bottle-like things (I dont know what it is called).

Rui Jing and me is showing our first-done-Bunga-Telur in our live.

Below is my most satisfied Bunga Telur wrap.

Tree of bunga telur.

Our hand became blue after the wrapping process. You know why? Because the boiled eggs were wet, and the net is blue, so when our hand took the boiled eggs, our hand became wet, and when it is in contact with the blue net and blue thread, our hand is "dye" blue.

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