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Finally at home again. Reached home after 12 hours, and felt a bit nausea. The bus journey should takes only 8 hours during day time.

Now the dizziness still play in my head.

This 2 weeks holidays, whats up?
1) Print out the photos of temerloh to give to my keluarga angkat, Tok Pat and Mak Norma.
2) Upload the photos of Kampung Baru Huma Luas in facebook
3) Write blog about my experience in Malay Kampung
4) Gathering with MRSM friends (Lyn and Jia Lin) and maybe KMK friends (see they will organise gathering somewhere else or not, but I am too afraid of bus riding)
5) Go to take some photos shoot for Estee Launder Model Search (just for fun, since I am still young)
6) Plan to buy a DSLR with my sister (maybe a second-hand one)
7) Find "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" in the local library
8) At least once: practice piano and Guzheng.
9) REST WELL before going back to UTM at 25/6

(n.n)<<-- like this symbol recently. (n.n)

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