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4 Free Shirt

I get 4 T-shirt for free today.

From the picture, the first one "Kem Pembentukan JKM" shirt which I did not attend the camp last time. I found it in bilik JKM today, M size, so I just took it.

The second one is the shirt for the coming Bakti Siswa 2010 Kolej Tun Fatimah in Pahang, to be specific Kampung Huma Luas, Chenor, Temerloh Pahang.

The third one is the shirt given by Alumni, free. I like the UTM logo in front of the shirt.

The fourth one (red) is for the program tomorrow, let just give it a name - "Johor Beach Cleaning Day". Yeah, because of the boredom in UTM, and because we are invited by TNC for this program, we join it. The time scheduled from 8am (so early and I haven't packed my bag) to 3pm, and we are headed to one of the beach in Johor ( dont know what beeach). I forget to tell about the shirt. It is actually found in bilik JKM too. We took it because it is free, and long sleeve to protect us under the sun.

p/s: I wonder why I like to blog in english recently. Maybe because I have read an english novel. xD

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