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I am ..... (speechless)


Tonight need to edit photo.

Tomorrow whole day class.

Tomorrow night I teach Japanese for those who did not attend the class today. (because suddenly change class feel very sorry for the participants. )

Even Tuesday is our National Day, I still have the Orkestra Practise!

And in between of these, the SUKAM certificate problem NEVER END.

When do I have time to read my TEST? My hydro test! A lot of term need to be memorised. A lot of theory need to understand.

My room is in the top of messy.

I hate my life.

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Lets figure out what can be done with a small amount of money:
RM1.00 = A drink in Meranti (UTM cafeteria)
RM1.00 = Printing assignment
RM1.20 = Teh Ais
RM1.30 = Milo Ais
RM1.50 = A sandwich
RM2.00 = Rice with vegetable, milk shake
RM 2.10 = Gardenia Bread
RM3.00 = Rice with chicken and vegetable
RM5.00 = Chicken chop at Meranti or a nice pin
RM6.30 = FIlet o fish during lunch hour at McD
RM7.00 = Flight include tax from JB to Penang during promo
RM8.00 = Chicken Kebab at Sultan Restaurant
RM20 = 4 x Taxi fare going Taman U from Central Point
RM40= 1 night accomodation in Korea
RM75= 5 night accomodation in Bali
RM125= Return flight to Bali
RM255= Return flight to Korea
Rm400 = Redang
RM1000 = Spend in travelling

And lets see how the student used up their money:

RM1.00 x 7 = McD sundae corn = RM7
Rm2.40 = Unnessary Cadbury Chocolate
RM6.30 = Popcorn and soft drink for movies
RM20 + RM3 = Steamboat
RM9.00 = Earrings
RM10 = Sing K
RM10 = Movies
RM10 = Taxi fare from UTM to CS and to UTM/ person
RM50 = Make up set
RM45 = Trousers
RM15 = Clothes
RM30 = High Heel
RM39 = Sushi buffet
RM40 = White trouser
RM109 = Dress for dinner
RM50 x 12 = Boardband = RM600

if Rm7 + RM2.40+ RM6.30 + Rm23 +RM9 + Rm10 + RM10 + RM10 + RM45 + RM50 + RM15 + RM30 + RM39 + RM40 + RM109 + RM600 = RM985.70 (you can save this amount when you decline all the activities list above, once)

and see what you can do with RM975.70:
1) More than enough to go Redang, or
2) Book flights and accomodation for flight to overseas + Activities at there
3) More than enough to spend at Kuching
4)More than enough to go to Universal Studio in Singapore

RM109 = Dress or flight?
RM20 = Buffet or 6 meals?
RM2.4 = Chocolate or one meals?
RM9 = Earring or three meals?
RM6.3 = Popcorn or two meals?
RM10 = Sing k or movie or 3 meals?
RM600 = Boardband (altough you have free wifi) or activities in attractive place?

Think twice when you about to spend your money!

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Since when blog become like twitter?
I miss my old friends.

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