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IELTS Speaking Test on 27 February 2013

Tada, I am going to share my speaking test:

Part 1:
What is your name?
Do you work or are you a student?
Do you enjoy student life?
Which part do you enjoy the most?
Do you like photography?
Do you like to take photograph when you travel?
When is the last time you took photograph?

Part 2:
Describe a team project you have gone through.

Part 3:
What do you think we need project work?
What do you think a good leader should have?
What makes a good team?
What is the quality of a good team?
What else other than people?
Do you think children should expose to the team work?

(ps: The examiner din't let me speak for long answer in part 3. She just cut me off after I finished one sentence. This is quite different from the resources I get as they said I need to provide long answer for Part 3)

My schedule is on 3.15 PM but I started at 2.20 PM!

I think I speak quite fluent but I forget to notice I SHOULD USE PAST TENSE in Part 2!!!
Haiz, because of being too nervous! 

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Self-study for IELTS

For self-study student, I always advise you to start one month before the exam begin. Below is some useful website you can refer:

1. Website from an ex-examiner: http://ielts-simon.com/ielts-help-and-english-pr/
2. Essay correction (AUD19.95 or about RM64 for 8 essays checking): http://www.ielts-blog.com/check-your-ielts-writing/
3. Cambridge IELTS question: If you need the books, you can ask my help to get the books in hard copies at cheap rates. Last time i used to buy Cambridge 4 to 8 for only RM60 (including postage). Ps: Its imported from China and might need 1-2 weeks to reach your home, but it is exactly like the one sold in any book store! (pss: you can reach me via kwenying900103@gmail.com)
4. Target Band 7 is also recommended. :)

That's it!

I think that will be sufficient enough. I don't know how to train my speaking, seriously. Anyone? 

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IELTS in Malaysia on 23 February 2013

Hi everyone,

Its time for me to share my IELTS experience, although I still have speaking test on 27 February later.

I was taking the IELTS test on this morning in my own campus, UTM. It is quite convenient as I do not have to take a taxi to go to the examination hall.

The listening test is quite hard. Below is the some brief about my listening test:
Section 1: Situation in Airport
Section 2: Meeting in Library and the expansion of library
Section 3: A student how had just enroll in university and conversation with Dr
Section 4: About music industry

While the reading test has only 3 Yes/No/Not Given questions.
Passage 1: About adolescence
Passage 2: forgotten
Passage 3: forgotten
Passage 4: forgotten

Task 1: A process decribes how rain water is collected for using as drinking water. It has 5 stages.
Task 2: cause and effect. The topic is about not enough student choosing study science subject in many countries.
ps: I dont know Vietnam has the same question like Malaysia!

Ok, just a few things to mention here. We were just allow to  bring ID (must) and watch (if need to use) into the examination hall. They also took our photos before the exam started. The pencil and the eraser given is pretty nice. :D

And one thing to be mention: no breaks between test. You are only given to go to the toilet on reading and writing test, and you cant go out 5 minutes before the exam ends. You are also not allow to go to the toilet when the instructions are given. 

Fortunately, I managed to finish my reading test very soon and go to the toilet on the last 10 minutes. 
Many of the candid went to the toilet during the writing test, because they thought they can go when the papers are collected, and they lost quite a number of time on that. 

Please share with me about the speaking test if you had done it. I still need to improve. 

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IELTS Preparation

After I take the examination on 23 and speaking on 27 Feb, I will share the useful link and provide the scanning of the materials I used for self-study.

Please urge me if I do not do so. Wish to help all the candidates who is suffering like me looking for materials since long time ago.

Wish me luck! Thanks! 

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