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In Johor Again

Yeah, I am in Johor AGAIN. For the preparation of SUKAM and MHS (Minggu Haluan Siswa). Do you know what i missed for going so early to UTM? I missed the gathering with Kedah Gang (haven't met Cindy, Sandy and Pei Nian) and might miss the gathering with Dee. Sigh. I miss the total of two important gathering. Yesterday's gathering with Jia Lin and Lyn also quite rush.

Let see what shall I do for this busy semester:
1) Preparing a presentation slide for Freshman 2010
2) Make sure the transportation for Freshman 2010 is ok
3) SUKAM ( I dont know how much energy I had to cope with this big (should say enormous) event iBoldn UTM, even become the timbalan for Carnival SUKAM)
4) MHS (welcoming new student) - I sound excited about this, but what if this is a huge challenge for me to. Oh yeah, need to go register again our name in KTDI on 26/6.
5) Japanese Class (gosh, I almost forget this even though I am the Director for this program, need to plan early too.)
6) Chinese Debate (Although busy, I hope I still have time to contribute to Chinese Debate)
7) Taekwondo (Despite of the busy I know I have to endure this sem, I still dare myselft to take this as extra-cocuriculum, I might have to release my tension through sweating)
8) Fac Night (Fortunately I did not take any post in here. However, I start to worry what should I wear for the dinner)
9) Play trombone for graduation (The graduation ceremony will be held in the coming September, probably after Raya, this time, need to cope with the homeworks, tests and the orkestra practice)
10) 2SGU (This should come first actually, since the purpose I go to university is to study, not to participate in the 9 event list above)

Well then, good luck to you, Wen Ying.

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Poh Xin Yi said...

ya. good luck to you. ^.^

Ms sunsWeetz said...

gud luck...chaiyok ying!!!!