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Bali (n.n)

Can somebody tell me where is the place in Bali as the image shown?
Plan to go....
With: A friend of mine from MRSM
When: December (during sem break)
With what flight: Air Asia
Book flight: If there is still no promotion, the latest date to book flight is during september.
For: 5 days 4 night
Stay at: Tune Hotel (2 nights at Legian at 2 nights at Kuta)
Day 1: Penang > LCCT > Bali Airport > Legian Tune Hotel

Legian Tune Hotel

Day 2: Bungee jump (at Legain) + Surfing + other water activities

Bungee Jump


Day 3: Ubud + Kalimantani Volcano + see Barong Dance + Tanah Lot Temple (sunset is nice here) > Kuta Tune Hotel

Barong Dance

Tanah Lot Temple

Day 4: Denpasar + Jatiluwih + Pura Luhur Baturaku Temple + Pura Besakih + Hot spring


Pura Luhur Baturuku Temple
Pura Bekasih

Day 5: Celuk (Handicraft) + Shopping > Bali Airport > LCCT > Penang
Budget (estimate)
1) Flight (return) : RM 400 (hope to get cheaper)
2) Hotel (4 night) :
- one night RM100
- 4 night RM400
- divide by 2 = RM200
3) Bungee Jump = RM 328 *gasp*
4) Take surfing lessons from the Surf School based at Blue Ocean beach. Quiksilver surf school offers lessons lasting 2.5 hours for Rp 390,000 (RM138) *gasp again*
5) Transportation (either cab or bus there, because we are not old enough to get an International Driving Lesson, must be 23 years old I saw somewhere) = RM 200 for the whole trip
6) Food = RM 200
Total = Approximate RM 1500.

Eleven Place You Must See in Bali
- This is a good reference website

Better start to save money from now.

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Jia Lin said...

who is that MRSM fren? btw, bungee jumping need to b ready n so cheap ke? in Macau almost RM1000, cz got cert after that too... u can get cheaper for the flight but u need to b aware... my fren bought less than rm200 return... night life in Bali is jz club, pub and beer... hope yr fren is a guy cz that place quite dangerous... hope u have a nice trip!!

dabeliu_y said...

ya, bungee jump in bali i check liao, is USD 99, and got cert also. THe flight I think cant get less than RM200, coz that time is december, but if dint go that time maybe nid to wait for another sem break leh, anything just see first. Bali is really dangerous?? OMG, but dint go with guy wo. U went b4?

Jia Lin said...

oo... ic... my parents dun let me go Bali le... most of my friends went there b4 la... i can help u ask them la... yea... i had blog long liao... i also 1st time on yr blog nia through fb... =)

dabeliu_y said...

if like dat, want go 2gether ma? My mum just saw your comment saying dat Bali is dangerous and prohibit me to go. T.T

Jia Lin said...

sigh =.= go with yr family la... will b fun :D flight and hotel price reasonable there... i cant go o... end of this year starting my internship till july'11... huhu... actually i want go too... y not u go Tioman o others 1st b4 coming back to Bali :P haha...

dabeliu_y said...

haha.. dey might go on this august and i m still at UTM dat time. haiz. nvm, i try to ask other to c whether it is dangerous.

Jia Lin said...

then ma ngam lo.. they go first then come back tell u c safe o not lo.. haha... but i know from my frens that Bali is a nice place...