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Geomatic Engineering

This is the course that I am enroll in right now. I am now a second year student. Till now, when I introduce myself, the response I heard were:

1) Is this our of your 8th choice?

2) Why you choose this course instead of Medic or other Engineering?
3) Your course suitable for girls?
4) You not scare become dark when working under the sun?

I always have my own anwser to encounter the question:
1) This is my fourth choice.
2) I think Medic and Engineering is boring
3) Maybe it is tough, but I can handle it. Sometimes, all the girls carry the heavy instruments around the campus.
4) Sunblock!! Even tough my skin will become dark, but this course challenge to travel a lot. Btw, I like travel

Geomatic Engineering is generally a course about earth measuring. We measure land and sea, and produce map from the observation. Want to know more? Feel free to comment!

If you like to purchase some cool travel packages, click HERE.

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2nd Year 2nd Sem Plan

As usual, busy can't leave me. The activities I would join this semester is
1) Korean class (because I am join to Korea the coming July!)
2) Japanese class 2 (because I am the ex-Director of KTF Japanese class 1)
3) PEMETA treasurer (my course club) - I want to active in my course club now.
4) Chinese Debate (since first year)
5) GOP to Melbourne, Australia (Sept)
Last year I had become JKM for KTF. This year want to gain some different experience.

Two languages at one time? Seriously I only planned to join Korean Class, for my Korea trip. However, the low fee for Japanese Class is irresistible. RM80! Plus tutorial book RM5! And En Fabilah is planning to go for the homestay at Japan and I seriously don't want to miss this. So I end up with two foreign language. Wonder I would jumble them up or not. Haha. For example: Chonen (I, Korean) Wen Ying desu (is, Japanese).

PEMETA is quite unactive last year. I want it to be active this year! I just hand up the PEMETA account application letter to the student council, and hope I can get the stuff from Pejabat Bendahari on the coming Tuesday.

GOP- Global Outreach Program. I am the director since I planned it and I contact with the University in Australia. I had handed up the proposal for the approval from Dean of Faculty Geoinfomation and Real Estate, as well as from Deputy Vice Canselor (Academic and International). Can you guess how many student of my course are going? 42! I never expect such an enthusiatic respond from my coursemate. =D

Well, hope this sem will be enjoying.

ps: next year I planned to join Aiesec.

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SUKAM ’11 XVlll

This is me~!

Kulit wayang during Carnvial SUKAM

It’s the 18th SUKAM. SUKAM is the sports day between College in UTM. We, Tun Fatimah Residential College and Dato Onn Ja’afar Residential College had combined to run this 18th SUKAM. I still remember last year.

My role for the sports day is
1) Becoming the vice director for the Carnival SUKAM
2) Certificate Committee
3) Become Tigi (Tiger mascot)

Vice Director for the Carnival SUKAM
This position is not simple. It was my first time deal with such a hugh activity in UTM. Honestly, we do not manage to attract many students to visit the stall, and some stall’s people complain to us. Although it had be something to do with the publicity, we are also not creative enough to host this event. Lesson learnt from this activities. And thanks to Kak Zati for teaching me many stuff.

Certificate Committee
This is an even more complicated post. I need to make sure everyone get their cert. There are some students ask for cert even after the program, and I had to seek principle for the cert again. There are some conflicts as well, with the other committee ,and I need to use my own money for this, however, this also help me to understand the characteristic of this job and I can guide the junior when they take this post next time. My advice is: be fast and accurate.

Become Tigi
This is the nicest part. And my first experience too! I finally get to wear a custom outside and wave to the person. I must act active and friendly. However, I am too thin and the butt part of the tiger always did not stick in the right place. Haha, becoming Tigi can be hot and tiring.

This year (2010) we don’t have swimming competition already. I still remember last year I join the swimming competition and manage to get Silver Medal for Breast Style and Gold Medal for 4x100m.

Next year (2011), the Sports Unit of UTM will take over to become host for SUKAM. Therefore, we are the last colleges who organize SUKAM.

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GJC ‘10

Geomatic Junior Camp. Like this banner soooooo much! The creation of all the comittee members (I was not in that time)
Our warping skill. (Me, Ange, Aimi)

My first attempt to take photo for a program

In bus

Me, Yat, Ange

Mud~~~ I did not get involve...

Kem Kaizen

Obstacle game


My group's Junior

Ikram the photographer

Dataran Kaizen, our hall

Slurrp on my head

GJC stands for Geomatic Junior Camp. It is like the first year experience program for my course, Geomatic Engineering junior. The camp is held at Kem Kaizen, on the third week when the semester 1 started. I incharged prizes with Ange and Aimi. I still remember we wrapped the hamper in my room, and the hamper was not really nice looking, but the things inside really attracted us to consume it.

I still remember I handle a group with Black, but he did not turn up until the second day. Therefore, on the first day, I handled the group with Iqbal. My group name is Slurrp (we need to name the group after instant noodles).

The most vivid memories in the camp is during the night walk. Imagine you need to walk alone in the dark, only the moonlight shines on the ground, and NO ONE assist you during the walk. The floor is muddy and I felt down several time. YUCK~ don’t like the mud. My clothes become dirty. However, this activities teach me how to be brave to meet the obstacle in life, although you are alone, but you have no choice but continue in order to survive.

There is a waterfall near the camp site. We went to the waterfall too. Splashing with the cold water is really nice!

Oh ya, and we have station game as well. All the group members are force to drink a mixture of strange combination stuff, such as egg yolk with tea, tea with salt and etc. This is one more YUCK, but somehow it trained us to finish the mixture with team-work.

For conclusion, GJC can reduce weight~ Hehe. I had done many activities that consume energy, which I seldom done in UTM. Besides that, it helps to known our juniors too. =D

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MTM- Minggu Transformasi Mahasiswa

My design! =D
The hard work

Kursus to become a crew
Before depart to Port Dickson
The purpose I joined MTM is want to help the newcomers to adopt themselves well in the new environment, besides create an One-Malaysia image so that the newcomers will feel that UTM races mix well with each other.

We have a course in Port Dickson before we handle the newcomers. MPM such as Zaki had attend the course too. As usual, group discussion and some talks is given by TNC.

Besides that, we had also played in the Team Park. It is quite enjoying although I was finding for a more exciting game. We played netball too, with other crew.

I had the room with Sal, Yat and Tikah, because Rui Jing and Ranjeni slept with other Chinese. Well, I don’t mind since I used to sleep with Malay in MRSM.

During the MTM itself, I become strict in front of the juniors. Ask them to queue up, be on time and others. Take care of junior is tiring, we only have 4 hours sleep approximately. We slept later than them and we need to wake up earlier than them, to ask them to gather at DSA (for Muslim) and DSB (for non-Muslim).

I am incharged of the technical, so I need to set up all the instrument and microphone before and event starts. The screen projector in KTF is broken therefore I need to borrow it from HEMA. This is quite a difficult process as I only know that KTF’ screen projector had been spoilt on Friday. When this come, it will be difficult to deal with the counter. Therefore, I took the initiative to meet En Harun and get his signature. And this finally solved the problem, although I had been scolded by the other staff.
And one more thing I want to tell, I design KTF registration board. There are 8 of them! I like the butterfly and caterpillar concept. =D

I did not regret to join MTM 2010/2011.

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ISM is the organisation that I started to realise it is important, and I regret last time did not really join ISM's activities. I don't want to see ISM dying. Thanks to Athirah and Debra for always holding their responsibility.

I wish to help always, but usually it clashes with another things.

I will become a responsible ISMer, if nothing has change this February 2011.

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