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How I wish to post in Facebook

Every people going to everywhere when they are in UK. I only went to the place that can arrive by bus pass. It sounds so wrong if you use your parents' money to play instead of study. I even don't dare to buy a postcard at £1 for 15 pieces because I do not want to use the money for unnecessary things.

How I wish I can post my cooking in the Facebook, but I just feel it is so uneasy to let others know I come to London without a scholarship (yet). Here are some food I would like to share. The most delicious dish is Sambal Udang! xxx

And of course, a recent picture of me as someone might be missing me xD

And I just bought a new safety boots at £21.48. Its a men boots but I like it very much. Till now I still feel happy with the boots because it can't be found in Malaysia hahahha. Please praise it is nice as I spent money for this boots. I hope it can become my winter boots too so no need to spend my money again for footwear.

And my wish for now is, hopefully I get the scholarship which will be announce next week! 

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