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about me at friendster

*i want to delete it, but i feel sorry to delete it.. so i post it here.*
About Me:
She think she is a weird person. Anyway, she is a helpful person. She usually help ppl when they have problem. (muka tembok) She is blur and forgetful. She always forget where she put her water bottle. And to overcome her forgetfulness(have this word??), she likes to remind people, and sometimes rewarded the gelaran "mak".She sometimes very brave. When she know that her water bottle was left at the third-floor physics lab, she go up to the lab by herself alone at night to take the bottle.She will felt very excited when found a not-very surprised statement. She is really a weird person. Sometimes she will be evil although it is mention that she is kind at the beginning.She likes to enjoy life. She likes to travel. She likes jay chou's songs first before she likes jay chou. She likes penny's songs first before she likes penny. She thinks "jiang jun ling" by kenji wu is so cool. She thinks the plot of hiwayu's book is so cool. She likes to take pictures. She likes to travel, and want so much to go to pulau perhentian..She know how to play piano and guzheng, but not good at those instrument.She is taekwondo black belt, but now already forget how to kick and punch.She is actually fat and heavy, but dont know why everyone say she is thin. Others could not believe when she tell them the truth weigh.And ya, she is tall... 172 cm.She likes to talk, but afraid to talk. Last but not least, she is easily touched.her msn: my_birthday_is_on_3jan@hotmail.comdont miss out the statement contain in the msn address.. ^^

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