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Clothes and Laundry

     I would like to talk something about the differences between laundry in Malaysia and UK.

     When doing laundry in UK, I need to reconsider again and again. First of all, it's expensive. In my house it is £1.70 per machine wash. And when I look at the lable new clothes I bought, "wash below this and that temperature", "hand wash only" blah blah blah, I was too confusing. Thus I made the decision to wash all my clothes by myself. So, guess what happen? The water from the clothes was dripping everywhere. :( People here just don't hang their clothes under the sun. (oh, I still need to get used to the four season country)

      Another interesting thing is that, they don't use or sell pails here! When I try to type "PAIL" in www.argos.co.uk and www.ikea.com/gb/en/, the word "PAIL" can't be found at all. Besides that, I can't see any pail in the laundry room as well.
No pails is selling here! 

      Right, it takes time to get use to the life here. Still keeping my finger cross for JPA. ><

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