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Sorry, I am also a blue person, and allow me to express my feeling here.

My deal with GOP agent is a long long time story, even before I know my MTM course going to hold in KTR. Since I became crew before, I think I could skip the "Peranan of crew..." and go for the meeting. I seriously dont understand why.

Why others can skip the whole day of the course, whereas I could not skip for just two hours?

Why speak so persuasive and kind to others, while treat me coldly?

Why not let me tell my situation finish first, before you just say one "NO".

I could have let the agent come from 1230pm till 200pm, but he is going KL tomorrow.

So sad now and so sad now.

And another things, what? He never know setting up a stall need permit. Yeah.

Sorry to say, but I don't like UTM right now, till my mood turns good again.

UTM= scold by people + no freedom + sleep late till hurt myself + authorities power

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Anonymous said...

Do imagine, you are someone who watch what human do everyday somwhere in the sky.
And, you are watching your own daily life in UTM, what do you think of 'her'(you).

Are you going to ask 'her', 'her' reasons of doing all these?
or up until which enduring level 'she' gonna reach?
does 'she' do enduring it with any of her reason?