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Prepare for KPLSPM interview

7 books to read for Kursus Perguruan Lepas Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (KPLSPM)!! I am really go for the interview!!!

According to the elder people, teacher is a good profession with many perks and long holidays. However now, the teaching occupies a much lower rung of respectablility compared with before and is not viewed as a profession of choice for various reasons: heavy workload, overbearing parents, lack of promotion prospects and being posted to remote areas.

Actually, this ambition never crose over my mind until I saw KPLSPM--Program Penghantaran Pelajar Cemerlang ke Universiti Terkemuka Luar Negara... Wow, a scholarship that can send you to oversea!

Therefore, I had gone through the reseach of teacher profession and found that I am suitable for this profession. I used to become the mentor for Addition Mathematics and Chemistry in MJSC Beseri and I have the passion to teach until my mentee fully understand what I teach. I felt greatly satisfied when I know that they are going to use that knowledge to score in their examination and then as the basic skill in their job later.

Therefor, I has to work hard for the interview, INSAK test(test about teacher personality) and an english essay to be write on the spot ( there has been a long long time I do not write the english essay!!).


1) perks : something you recieve as well as your wages for doing a particular job
2) rung : a level or degree in a hierarchy
3) overbearing : overwhelming in power or significance
4) prospect : financial expectations, especially of success

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ChoonSeong said...

Good Luck in ur interview...I believe u will get JPA first

chiachean said...

HEhe, you have started your English blog..

Let me tell you my experience. I used to start my blog with full pure English ..But, finally, I have to use some rojak Language due to lack of vocab..

So, keep it up.. All the best for your JPA and other scholarship application.. (Getting 1 of them is good enough)

Gracie's said...

wow...you really really put effort in it by reading a total of 7 bookS? When is your interview? Mine is over already so i guess i just read 1 book? hahaha....anyway...all the best to u ^^

Jeen said...

I really salute you, well-prepared for the interview. But do you think the books help much? Anyways, all the best!

Btw, what course did you apply for JPA?

And your intention is good(creating an English blog and not using short forms)...

Anonymous said...

Hey, it is me again. So in this article, the errors that i found:

Spelling: respectablility (it should be respectability)

this ambition never crose (it should be: this ambition never crosses) reason: ambition cannot be counted therefore the verb must be added with "s" or "es"
the word 'never' and 'always' must be ignored, therefore the verb next to it must be correct (with 's' or without 's' at the end of the word)

I has to work <-- false. the real one is "I have to work". this is because 'has' (which means the 'have' with 's') will be used only when you are referring to an individual, one thing or things cannot be counted. But for 'I" and "you", it is a speacial case where you must use have.
so i shall say "she has/he has" and "i have/they have/you have"


dabeliu_y said...

to anonymous...
ok thanks..