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KPLSPM interview

I woke up at 5.45 am to prepare to go to Institut Perguruan Tuanku Bainum, which is situated at Mengkuang. Before this, the only thing I knew about Mengkuang is the Mengkuang Dam Park where my family always go to jog.

We started our journey at 6.45 am, reaching there at 7.05 am. We are actually arrived one hour before the interview session start. We all thought that the institute is very far away from our house, yet we are reaching there after 20 minutes..

My panel was Panel A. I met a chinese guy who had finished his STPM. Then the INSAK test began. This is the time i realised the important of a watch. Before the interview, i even declined to bring the watch when asked by mum because my handphone can display time. Why should i bring an unuseful thing right? No, i was wrong. There was no clock in the interview room and I had to rush to complete the 135 question. Thankfully, there was still 5 minutes after i completed the test.

After that, comes the group interview. For my panel, 6 student should come, but out of the number, only the chinese guy and me turned up. For the B and C panel, the situation even worse. There were only two malay girl turn up for each panel respectively. The attendance rate was really pathetic. And think, how should both of the girls conduct their group discussion? Therefore, four of us formed a group.

The group discussion was mainly about leadership. There were two question written: " Based on your experience and observation, what is a good leader should exhibited?"(not really remember) and "what is the advice you want to give to your junior about the leadership?". At first, I did not really have point in my mind. I was getting quite nervous when i saw others joiting down the point furiously on their paper. Oh ya, remember to bring your own paper and pen. They won't provide us. Fortunately before the discussion started, i braved myself to get some paper from my bag and i give some of the paper to the chinese guy.

Something struck my head suddenly. Oh ya, I could tell them my position in the school and eleborate the point, such as how to lead a society etc. In this way, I could boost my position in my school as well.

I was satisfied with my performance although i did not done well. I liked to be the opposition sometimes. When others were saying about the leader should be a joker, I told them sometimes meeting should not take to much about personal thing. When others were saying leader should listen to others opinion, I told them leader should also be able to make decision on their own, if the leader want to take everyone opinions, the final decision could not come out.

For the individual interview, it was the two to one interview. The chinese guy went in first. The interviewer asked him about the discipline in school. For me, the interviewer asked my about national service, no introduce-myself beginning. Then the interviewer asked me about how the mentor-mentee helps me in teaching(i wrote this in the penyataan hasrat). This one, i told them i about i related the concept with the daily life to help my mentee to understand. I also say that this help me to gain passion on teaching.

Then, they asked me about tuition:
You have good result. Do you go for tuition?
I am from MRSM, so i didnt go tuition. ( i should elaborate more: MRSM is a boarding school)
What do you think of tuition? Advantages and disadvantages?
(Tell them both..)

(I forgetted what they asked in the middle)

Last question :But when you become teacher, you will give tuition also...
I dont think I will have time to give tuition, I would have many activities in school and need to take care for my child (just for elaboration during interview) . Besides that, I am satisfied with the teacher's salary.

After that is the english writing test. With no watch, I still managed to finish it in 20 minutes. The essay question is " My family" and " How to be a great speaker". At first i was wondering which to write, then i choose to write MY FAMILY. There had been a long time i didnt touch english essay, therefore, i only used one bombastic word in the essay. Quite bad..

11 am, I went home with my mother.

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ChoonSeong said...

What's your coming interview?

Jeen said...

Hi! I'm Jeen here. The attendance at your center is worse than mine. During the group interview, you have chance to write your points on the paper? So good, we are just given 3 minutes to think and have to start the discussion. I guess you will have higher chance to get the scholarship.
Well, it depends on what course we choose. I think probably Chinese is the easiest to get.

What's your plan after this? Going for STPM or other pre-u courses?

wenying said...

to choonseong, no interview until the job interview ... haha

day-dreamer said...

Hi, I saw your message on my ShoutBox. You were offered the Actuarial Science course in Kampar? I'm not based in Kampar so I cannot give you an insight regarding the quality of lecturers there but I can assure you the quality of the campus is much better there than that of PJ's.

In case you were wondering about the quality of lecturers we have here in PJ, well, I would say not all are satisfactory.

忆夏 said...

give some of the paper to the chinese guy

Add '-s' after paper,as it is plural.Actually,it is great to point out mistake made by other ppl as both of us can learn through the process. So feel free to rectify the mistakes made by me.

Anonymous said...

i suppose that u know who i am bcoz u did left some message in my blog..
so i do not wan to mention who i am here.. u simply guess la.. haha

u asked me regarding the AS course in UTAR.. wat i could tell is..
if u have any other better path to go, juz go... AS course is not as easy as u think...
it needs a lot of time sacrifation
it needs a lot of hardworking
it involves a lot of calculation..
if u like calculation very much, then u can choose it..
i wan to tell u something which is in this course.. i never really memorize points.... NEVER..
think of it..
ur decision is my decision..
respect to ur decision..
i welcome u and UTAR welcome u as well

Ainaa said...

hi Wenying,
You came to my blog, remember? Hehe...
Well, if you are thinking of appealing for jpa, you should write the reasons why you think you are eligible for the scholarship. Don't write so much. Keep it simple. First, you should write about your academic qualification; your SPM results, if you are consistent in your previous exam results, you should add that too. And, for co-curriculum, you should write more on your highest achievements; school representative in sports, club etc. And, if you have any awards for leadership or anything, just add that too. Other reasons, like if you have any financial problems you should add that to your letter. Try to write as passionate as possible but don't make it hyperbolic. If you still have any questions, you can ask me in my blog.

Btw, I'm also a mixture of India, Arab and Turkistan. Complicated. Ok, bye. Hopefully my tips are useful. Take care.

Anonymous said...

hi there..so do u get the KPLSPM??i hope u are..u can drop a msg to my blog..i got it for TESL secondary level..


adriad~ said...

hi wen ying. remember me.. fitri la,, 3a5 badlishah,, huhu.. i tjumpa la plak blog awak.. eh.. dapat x ppc.. i got tesl primary.. do visit my blog taw..


awak pergi mana?? all the besh ya..

The World 记忆里的空间Of Memory said...

i m also get the interview 4 the ppc ....hahah..anyway , is it it is more challenge that the jpa interview ?hahah

Anonymous said...

hai there... its me con.. im currently in unimap..so where r u now? urm kinda miss evrione d since we went out from mrsm...
are u doin fine?

plouffle said...

did you sucess?

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