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Those memories still fresh (2)

*Drum roll* Then comes my friend, Lyn Maye. She was the one who went to find me in my cube. My cube if DB 25, and hers DB 24. Neighbour. We ate in Dewan Selera together, preped together. She always knew what i think, and when i was down, she would lend her shoulder for me to cry. After the orientation week, we seemed like had seperated with the non-seniors. And i had completely forgotten the name of the senior. In order to remember the seniors names, we created names for them. Jiaxin sured had the "Four flat" title, and Choon Seong, because of his ability to walk with no sound, and sometimes when he passed, we did not even aware of it, so he was the "Silent Walker" (Sorry, choon seong, just want to tell the truth). And sometimes, we even complained when some senior didnt smile to us. Haha! I admitted we like to gossip about people and always ended up with giggles. Haha! But at semester two, our relationship with senior had become close.

In this classroom, 4D, where lyn and I always preped with each other.

Jia Lin was an active and out-spoken girl. But since her cube was in block F, i seldom met her. When talking about her, i had to say that she was a smart girl and nice to chat with.

At the mid-year of Form 4, i wanted to transfer back to my lower secondary school for a few reasons, but Chiew Yee had consulted me to stay on. Really thanks to her because without her, i might not become excellent in my study at MRSM Beseri.

wenying, fatin, intan, azimah, asma, dini, alia--- my classmate

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ChoonSeong said...

I have read above the silent walker in wretch....i think it's a very old post...

dabeliu_y said...

oo really..
i tot u nvr read my old post b4.
I had already olck my old post lo..
the oldest post start on 2007 december if i not mistaken.

Jorie Lyn said...

thinking of those fond memories makes me miss u even more.
by the way, reading your post not only make me reminisce the good old time we spent together, it also make me smile.he he.We had fun but at the same time we were a bit silly. And i wanna take this opportunity to apologize to you if i've done anything wrong towards u before.i think i had.oopsss...

p.s.-u seem to be very busy lately..*hint**hint*(keep in touch la)

Anonymous said...

"Four Flat" is not the suitable title for me, wakaka..... Anyway, thanks for still remembering me as one of your seniors. Hope that the path you chosen in the future will lead you to a bright road, take care......

dabeliu_y said...

>>> jorie-lyn,
haha, i had view your blog..
i dint remember anything that need me to forgive liao la..
i just remember the things i wanna say thankyou..

>>> jiaxin,