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The Beginning_Rules

I realise my english is really poor, so i decide to create this blog to write article in english so that my english can be improve. So i has set some rule when writing the article in this blog:

Rule #1: Do not use rojak or phua chu kang english
Rule #2: Update this blog within 3 days
Rule #3: Use a new word or more in every new articles ( except this article)
Rule #4: Do not use short forms such as omg, lol etc.
Rule #5: (waiting to add)

For your information, I am not new in blog stuff. I had my chinese blog www.wretch.cc/blog/coffeeleaf. Free to visit.

Please correct any of my grammatical mistake in any articles..

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忆夏 said...

good try, i intend to write every single article of my blog in eng but it's pretty tough for me. Anyway, both of us must really pay hard work so that we can gain from our dedication.

Anonymous said...

hey, I am here to help you on your English, but I am not a professional. I am just here to help.

First off all, the phrase "can be improve" is not correct. When the word 'be' is used before any verb (kata kerja anyway), then the verb must be in the past participle form. For 'improve', the past tense is improved. and the past participle is also improved. So the correct one should be "to be improved".

some words, for example 'sing' has past tense different from its past participle. for the word 'sing':
past tense: sang
past participle: sung

so you can write it as "can be sung/should be sung"

i suggest you to read more to improve your past participles and past tenses. you download "wordweb" from the internet. it is a dictionary for the computer which is very helpful


dabeliu_y said...

oh.. ya
thanks so much..
but y put anonymous?