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Those memories still fresh (3)

My Form 5 block--- Block F. My cube-- DF 26. My cubemates- Wawa, Umi, Jun. In this cube, i would always have kenduri , an eating gathering with our DF 27 neighbours--Zainab, Liyana, Miza. The home-cook curry they brought after returning to MRSM Beseri was savoury. They also knew i didn't eat beef and they won't serve me with beef.

Well, my nons-junior only consisted of 2 chinese guys and 1 indian girl.

The red board was my motivation board. Actually the reason i put this board on my wall was just to cover the rude words that had been scribbled by the previous resident. Do you notice the bear on the board? I drew it and i really like that bear very much. Whenever i felt lazy to study, i would glance at my motivation words on that board to increase my momentum. I even listed down the thing-to-do to cope with the busy schedule of form 5. That cow card was given by Lyn Maye and the chinese new year card was presented by Jia Lin.

This was the letter posted back by Miss Tan, who was my chinese teacher during form4 in MRSM Beseri. I wrote the chinese essay to her so that she could mark my essay.

I also went through the mock interview to help me gain experience of interview.

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