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Dermologica is a international facial product brand (is this grammatically correct?) that had improved my skin condition.

I was introduced to Dermologica when i was in Form 2, by my third aunt (can i say like this??)who worked as the beautician for the Dermalogica Company, when my skin was scattered (is this grammatically correct again?) with pimples. I was hesitated to believe the effectiveness of the Dermologica product as it was too expensive and I did not see any improvement on my face, after I used it for a week.

However, when my cousin who is one day younger than me paid a visit to me during holiday after PMR, I was stunned when saw the flawless face of her. Her face is so smooth and pearly white (can i use the adjective like this?) without any pimple or scar on it. She was now so pretty that she unintentionally invited the stares of men wherever she went. What was the most important is, she was using Dermologica product as well! Then I knew it was something to do with my attidude. I had never wash my face so frequently that my cousin did. Sometime, I was even lazy to clean my dirty face before I went to bed ( dont laugh at me.. ).
Therefore, from that day on, I follow the strict timetable to wash my face, three wash per day.
My face had improved when I was in form 4, but become worsen during form 5 as the important examination, SPM was coming, but still, if compared with form 2 and form 3, form 5 was better.
And after SPM, when I went to National Sevice, the scohrching ( i dont know how to spell it) sun kept burnt my face dark. Therefore, beside using sunblock there, I apply a whitening serum every night, however, the whitening could not even save my dark face.
Now, when i come back from NS, my face pimples reduced much more. I hardly spot any pimple or scar on my face. I am really satisfied with my face condition now. Thanks to Dermologica (like making a advertisement)!!

The Dermalogica product is extremely costly, but my mum still dont want to tell me the real price for the product. I just know I can have discount from my aunt. But since my face is ok now, my mum insults (have such word?) me to use another cheaper facial products. Friends, any idea?

My Facial Product

My face during form 5



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ChoonSeong said...

Nxt round i should call u leng nui lo...haha...

dabeliu_y said...

oh.. thanks..

chiachean said...

wow.. Another next top model here..

dabeliu_y said...

wat la u chiachean..
dun mengejek me la..

nida said...

hi dabeliu_y
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the idea of dermalogica magazine is in process and for that we need some really good stories and experiences to share.
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