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MTM- Minggu Transformasi Mahasiswa

My design! =D
The hard work

Kursus to become a crew
Before depart to Port Dickson
The purpose I joined MTM is want to help the newcomers to adopt themselves well in the new environment, besides create an One-Malaysia image so that the newcomers will feel that UTM races mix well with each other.

We have a course in Port Dickson before we handle the newcomers. MPM such as Zaki had attend the course too. As usual, group discussion and some talks is given by TNC.

Besides that, we had also played in the Team Park. It is quite enjoying although I was finding for a more exciting game. We played netball too, with other crew.

I had the room with Sal, Yat and Tikah, because Rui Jing and Ranjeni slept with other Chinese. Well, I don’t mind since I used to sleep with Malay in MRSM.

During the MTM itself, I become strict in front of the juniors. Ask them to queue up, be on time and others. Take care of junior is tiring, we only have 4 hours sleep approximately. We slept later than them and we need to wake up earlier than them, to ask them to gather at DSA (for Muslim) and DSB (for non-Muslim).

I am incharged of the technical, so I need to set up all the instrument and microphone before and event starts. The screen projector in KTF is broken therefore I need to borrow it from HEMA. This is quite a difficult process as I only know that KTF’ screen projector had been spoilt on Friday. When this come, it will be difficult to deal with the counter. Therefore, I took the initiative to meet En Harun and get his signature. And this finally solved the problem, although I had been scolded by the other staff.
And one more thing I want to tell, I design KTF registration board. There are 8 of them! I like the butterfly and caterpillar concept. =D

I did not regret to join MTM 2010/2011.

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