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GJC ‘10

Geomatic Junior Camp. Like this banner soooooo much! The creation of all the comittee members (I was not in that time)
Our warping skill. (Me, Ange, Aimi)

My first attempt to take photo for a program

In bus

Me, Yat, Ange

Mud~~~ I did not get involve...

Kem Kaizen

Obstacle game


My group's Junior

Ikram the photographer

Dataran Kaizen, our hall

Slurrp on my head

GJC stands for Geomatic Junior Camp. It is like the first year experience program for my course, Geomatic Engineering junior. The camp is held at Kem Kaizen, on the third week when the semester 1 started. I incharged prizes with Ange and Aimi. I still remember we wrapped the hamper in my room, and the hamper was not really nice looking, but the things inside really attracted us to consume it.

I still remember I handle a group with Black, but he did not turn up until the second day. Therefore, on the first day, I handled the group with Iqbal. My group name is Slurrp (we need to name the group after instant noodles).

The most vivid memories in the camp is during the night walk. Imagine you need to walk alone in the dark, only the moonlight shines on the ground, and NO ONE assist you during the walk. The floor is muddy and I felt down several time. YUCK~ don’t like the mud. My clothes become dirty. However, this activities teach me how to be brave to meet the obstacle in life, although you are alone, but you have no choice but continue in order to survive.

There is a waterfall near the camp site. We went to the waterfall too. Splashing with the cold water is really nice!

Oh ya, and we have station game as well. All the group members are force to drink a mixture of strange combination stuff, such as egg yolk with tea, tea with salt and etc. This is one more YUCK, but somehow it trained us to finish the mixture with team-work.

For conclusion, GJC can reduce weight~ Hehe. I had done many activities that consume energy, which I seldom done in UTM. Besides that, it helps to known our juniors too. =D

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