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2nd Year 2nd Sem Plan

As usual, busy can't leave me. The activities I would join this semester is
1) Korean class (because I am join to Korea the coming July!)
2) Japanese class 2 (because I am the ex-Director of KTF Japanese class 1)
3) PEMETA treasurer (my course club) - I want to active in my course club now.
4) Chinese Debate (since first year)
5) GOP to Melbourne, Australia (Sept)
Last year I had become JKM for KTF. This year want to gain some different experience.

Two languages at one time? Seriously I only planned to join Korean Class, for my Korea trip. However, the low fee for Japanese Class is irresistible. RM80! Plus tutorial book RM5! And En Fabilah is planning to go for the homestay at Japan and I seriously don't want to miss this. So I end up with two foreign language. Wonder I would jumble them up or not. Haha. For example: Chonen (I, Korean) Wen Ying desu (is, Japanese).

PEMETA is quite unactive last year. I want it to be active this year! I just hand up the PEMETA account application letter to the student council, and hope I can get the stuff from Pejabat Bendahari on the coming Tuesday.

GOP- Global Outreach Program. I am the director since I planned it and I contact with the University in Australia. I had handed up the proposal for the approval from Dean of Faculty Geoinfomation and Real Estate, as well as from Deputy Vice Canselor (Academic and International). Can you guess how many student of my course are going? 42! I never expect such an enthusiatic respond from my coursemate. =D

Well, hope this sem will be enjoying.

ps: next year I planned to join Aiesec.

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