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SUKAM ’11 XVlll

This is me~!

Kulit wayang during Carnvial SUKAM

It’s the 18th SUKAM. SUKAM is the sports day between College in UTM. We, Tun Fatimah Residential College and Dato Onn Ja’afar Residential College had combined to run this 18th SUKAM. I still remember last year.

My role for the sports day is
1) Becoming the vice director for the Carnival SUKAM
2) Certificate Committee
3) Become Tigi (Tiger mascot)

Vice Director for the Carnival SUKAM
This position is not simple. It was my first time deal with such a hugh activity in UTM. Honestly, we do not manage to attract many students to visit the stall, and some stall’s people complain to us. Although it had be something to do with the publicity, we are also not creative enough to host this event. Lesson learnt from this activities. And thanks to Kak Zati for teaching me many stuff.

Certificate Committee
This is an even more complicated post. I need to make sure everyone get their cert. There are some students ask for cert even after the program, and I had to seek principle for the cert again. There are some conflicts as well, with the other committee ,and I need to use my own money for this, however, this also help me to understand the characteristic of this job and I can guide the junior when they take this post next time. My advice is: be fast and accurate.

Become Tigi
This is the nicest part. And my first experience too! I finally get to wear a custom outside and wave to the person. I must act active and friendly. However, I am too thin and the butt part of the tiger always did not stick in the right place. Haha, becoming Tigi can be hot and tiring.

This year (2010) we don’t have swimming competition already. I still remember last year I join the swimming competition and manage to get Silver Medal for Breast Style and Gold Medal for 4x100m.

Next year (2011), the Sports Unit of UTM will take over to become host for SUKAM. Therefore, we are the last colleges who organize SUKAM.

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