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Geomatic Engineering

This is the course that I am enroll in right now. I am now a second year student. Till now, when I introduce myself, the response I heard were:

1) Is this our of your 8th choice?

2) Why you choose this course instead of Medic or other Engineering?
3) Your course suitable for girls?
4) You not scare become dark when working under the sun?

I always have my own anwser to encounter the question:
1) This is my fourth choice.
2) I think Medic and Engineering is boring
3) Maybe it is tough, but I can handle it. Sometimes, all the girls carry the heavy instruments around the campus.
4) Sunblock!! Even tough my skin will become dark, but this course challenge to travel a lot. Btw, I like travel

Geomatic Engineering is generally a course about earth measuring. We measure land and sea, and produce map from the observation. Want to know more? Feel free to comment!

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CaiYun said...

hai!! nice to meet you here..what do you think of the job in this course? is it easy for girl to have a job related to this course??

ps: i jz gt my spm result, and now i'm wondering should i go for stpm or diploma..hope you can help..^^

dabeliu_y said...

Hi, this course offers you to become a Land Surveyor. If you get the title Surveyor, you can sign the plan (geran) and get 30% for the project (if not mistaken).
If you are not afraid of sun, you are suitable for this job.

Diploma is a safer place for you to pursue your dream course. After diploma u can choose the degree related. STPM is quite hard as very hard to get high pointer. (I took matriculation last time). Btw, you can study STPM if you still dunno what you want now.

surveyor said...