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Kuching Losting Trip Day 1

Date: 22/5 till 25/5
Accomodation: Hilton Hotel's opposite= Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching
Transportation: A Rental Wira

I was obviously the planner (not really good one), Wei Pin used "his" GPS phone to guide us here and there plus took pictures, Yuan Jun and Peng Zhi become driver and map reader, Yongli is a really good map reader, and Joo Ean cheered us during our journey.

First of all, why Losting? Because Kuching dont have a lot of direction plate and we spent a lot of our time spinning in the roundabout. The roundabout in Kuching really BIG, and with names. Once you turn into the wrong exit, you have to go through quite a distance before you can do an U-turn. Its tiring.

In Sultan Abdul Hamid Airport

I change clothes.. hehe.. notice?

We fly with Air Asia

View from the plane

We reach LCCT at 935am. Spending time there playing poker while waiting for our flight at 110pm.

LCCT Airport

Boats to cross over the river
Lane to Fort Margeritta
Nice view of DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri)

Fort Margeritta

Random posing. Nice btw.
Ah Kui Restaurant: Sotong goreng
Satok Market: Big banana!
Purple Colour 棉花糖
Kek Lapis
I dont know how they produce Kek Lapis using this
Satok Market
Souvenir that we bought. Argh I didn't bought the black cat shirt!

Hehehehe, this is the fruit (Asam) we used to fine people when they lost in the poker game.

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Wei Pin said...

Joo ean cheered us up ? haha, you just cant find a better role for her? let me think, she gave the word 'assume' a new perspective ?

dabeliu_y said...

walao, you see the so-long-ago's post. She really cheer us la, if not, just me. If not I scare our losting in Kuching might have been bored. Gave the word "assume" a new perspective also counted. Haha..