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Losting in Sarawak Day 4

The Cat Status
Riverside Majestic
The view of Kuching city
Tua Pek Gong
Tua Pek Gong

I forget the name of this temple, it is opposite to Tua Pek Gong. The carving is amazing.

Colourful Carving

The 200-plus-year-old bell

We use quite a lot of time strolliing around rapid station, because the bus station is temporarily place at Stadium Bukit Jalil. Joo Ean leaded the way because she is UM student.

Everyone not allow me to go back alone from KL, so I need to go Alor Star first, then transit to Kulim from there.. haha. Finally back home. =D

p/s: I like the purple scarf that my mum lend to me. Looks cool.
p/s 2: Though we did not manage to visit Bako National Park(Lost in Sarawak) and Pottery Factory(Cant find the factory name in GPS), we manage to visit Fort Margerita, DUN, Satok Market, Serikin Market, Fairy Cave, Wind Cave, Sarawak Cultural Village, Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse, Astana at night, the night view of Sarawak River, half of the Sarawak Museum, Cat Status and Cheng Ho Status(called the memorial of Malaysia-China if not mistaken). Also ate Kolo Mee, Kam Pua Mee, Sarawak laksa, pork satay, teh ais C (5 lapis!).

And we found out that Kuching got real lots of roundabout, and very big one with name. Some roundabout even have building on it!

1) The attractions in Kuching should be list out in every junction so that the visitor can find their ways easily.
2) Plan one day free for the unexpected emergency if you go to play without tourist guide.
3) Buy if you feel like buying (I miss that black cat shirt, I didn't buy because I thought I would met the shirt somewhere else)
4) Buy a RM10 map, if you find that the map given is not complete.
5) Make sure you have enough battery for GPS.

*p/s: I miss the moment we lost in Kuching city. And the moment we find our way to Bako National Park (你过了那座桥再问人)And the moment v assume a lot of things.
**I will go Kuching again to visit all the place I have not go through.

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