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Outing 20/5

Today Lyn and me go to Sunway Carnival mall for the first 3D movie in Sunway, Sherk The Last Chapter. Before watching movie, we have our lunch at Kenny Rogers. What a coincidence! Lyn and me ordering the same thing, Quarter Meal and Sundae Icecream.

Lyn, she looks prettier with rebounding.

It is really my first time to watch movie in 3-Dimension. The staff gave me a special spectacle. One of the staff (but he look like manager) told us to read the instruction. "If you broke the spec, you need to pay RM150." Ok, I will becareful. Oh ya and a recommendation here: sit in the front seat for a greater 3D experience, the staff said.

=.=/ I am showing off?

Tada! Prove here! Cant see 3D? Nevermind, I enlarged it.

3D 3D 3D.

The 3-D effect is a new experience. But i was expecting a more real effect, like the knife suddenly moved just in front of your eyes.

After that, we went to ESPIRIT. And wow guess what? I found my camera shirt for RM 34.95!! The price is initially RM99, Then it is RM 69.90 when i was attracted to it last time. And then i saw the tag price RM 49.90 on it. And today, when it has 30% off, it is RM 34.95. So happy when i bought it. And Lyn bought it too, a red colour one. Maybe one day we should wear it out together.

Prove here!

Triple Camera?
Then we went for earrings. I was happy to found the earrings that I want, although I thought the price might be a little bit expensive, RM6 for a pair. I was thinking I should just buy it, since I might not see it after that.

Then we went to gift shop for fun. And it is really fun. Saw a lot of interesting and creative stuff.

Back time is not fun however. We wait bus on 530pm, and only reach home at 8.00pm. But after all, it worth cause i bought my camera shirt with such a cheap price. I even pair it with a shorts at home. (n_n)

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