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Kuching Losting Trip Day 2

Keropok in Serikin Market


Colourful Hat

Various type of Junk Food

The Junk Food I bought

Fairy Cave

Breathtaking view = Take our breath when climbing up the stairs

Try to figure out what shape is this.


In wind cave. Joo Ean is trying to scare people, but to no avail.

The scary nest of bats

As shown.

Cultural Show

Bidayuh's Long House stairs.
Too bad when we reach the Cultural Village, the village is about to close. And we didn't make it to the Damai Beach because everyone seem to be very tired. Nevermind, I shall visit Kuching one more time the other days.

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Jeen said...

Hi Wen Ying!
Still remember me?
It seems that you guys are having a lot of fun in Kuching.
How are you these days?
I suppose you are going to enter second year of university? Kinda lost contact with you. What course are you majoring in?

dabeliu_y said...

Opps. Are you from MRSM?? or from selangor? or a recommer? Sorry i know quite a lot of Jeen, and i forget which one already.

Jeen said...

Hi again!
I'm staying in Selangor.
Do you remember KPLSPM?

dabeliu_y said...

yea... the teacher stuff.. u are the one who ask me about the interview izzit? how was it your interview? u get it?

Jeen said...

I didn't get it. I had STPM instead