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Kuching Losting Trip Day 3

Sarawak Laksa in Abell Road - Chong Choon Cafe - Nice

As Joo Ean said: this pic looks sunshine. Hee~

Giant Orang Utan. Wonder how it climb the tree later.

OMG, An alligator is out!! No la, I just taking the pictures through the cage.

Another picture of orang utan. We could view the orang utan so close, without any cage.

Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse: Guess what is this? Brain of monkeys? A type of plants? Nonono, is latex, drying under the sun.

The shortest and the tallest. Haha. Black pepper.

The river is clean.

Tuak processing?

Drying rice i think

A hat made with bark of tree

The floor is made of bamboo, difficult to walk.

The villager said this can be drink with water.

Wei Pin with his Kam Pua Mee, Sibu's famous mee.

Kam Pua Mee also

Tomato Sos Mee

Bird Nest in Sarawak Museum

There is also a replika of Bidayuh Longhouse in Sarawak Museum.

The Spring, after give up the way to Bako National Park

This drink is nice. Available in The Spring

I use polystrene and satay stick to build longhouse. Oh ya, we ate pork satay there, at Jalan Song.

Tha Cat Status, just near to Tune Hotel.

This is DUN, at night.

The gate of Astana

Night view of Sarawak River

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