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Take picture alone

Since no one take picture for me, I used timer to take some picture and surprisingly, it turned out to be very nice! 
This picture was taken at the Victoria League Garden

This picture was taken when I came back from Tower Bridge

I bought my travelcard last week, so I can travel unlimited by tube last week. I will be so wasted is I did not go to the London icon, Tower Bridge. So, although my assignment can't finish on Sunday, I visited Tower Bridge! Tower Bridge always mistakenly known as London Bridge for the foreigner. It was so hard travelling alone to see the magnificent bridge. The tube route had been changed during the weekend and I was unsure which station to alight. I wandered a few times before I found it. It was so scary because I need to act like I was enjoying the surroundings but I was actually finding direction to the Tower Bridge. The middle of the tower bridge would open at that night, but I don't want to leave myself unsafe so I just travel back before dusk. 

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