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Going Around London

Ieda and me go to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and China Town last Wednesday. Enjoy the view but hate walking. 

Hyde Park

Dont know what is this building called

Its so beautiful

And me.

The well known Buckingham guard. It looked so fake. 

Ieda with the guard

They are marching for the Guard Changing ceremony

Guard changing ceremony

There are so many people and I dont know where the horse came from

Me with Buckingham Palace

Ieda with the guard.

Me with big ben! 

And this is the scene that we always saw in advertisement

Eye of London. The posing will be good without the umbrella! 

Brought this at Primark. Guess how much it cost. 20 pound (approx RM100)! In Malaysia it would be RM200 and above

Long sleeves at Primark. The shirt is quite affordable here. The grey one is comfortable (6pound), the white one is surprisingly warming although it is not thick (5pound), the striped one (4pound).

Guess why am I so sad about this? Not the price but the expiry date! 
Alright, these are some update from me today. I will update what I cooked, maybe tomorrow when I am free. 

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