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Blue Ocean Strategy

Currently reading this book. It is kind of boring at the beginning, but when the authors introduce the comparison between red ocean and blue ocean, and many types of example where the company rise from the blue ocean, it become interesting. I started to feel amaze of the felt of entrepreneurship. Think of Air Asia, I think they used blue ocean strategy, by cutting off the unnecessary thing for some groups of consumer such as meals on flight and the luggage. They manage to cut the cost by reducing some things, thus create a new market in Malaysia and all around the world. "Everyone can fly" implies everyone can afford the flight ticket.

What I learnt from the reading (although still have half of the book yet to read), we must be creative when we provide service to customer. Think at the point of customer, what they want and what they don't want, so that the value of our product will be increase, thus attract lots of consumer.

And I found out that my passion for business strategy did not die, although I not manage to get Actuarial Science two years ago. So, I will spend some time to investigate the related one in this holiday. It feel so good! =)

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