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Driving Lesson

Its have been a long long time i didnt touch my dabeliu_y blog.. Now, i am back.
Let tell about my driving lesson. When talking about driving, my friends would surprisingly ask: "You born at 3rd of Jan, but you dont have your driving license yet?" Ok, I had been in a boarding school during Form 4 and Form 5, and after my secondary schooling, i went to National Service, then I had to attend (fruitless) interviews for a month before I started to take the law exam at the end of april. Besides that, my driving school had a lot of student ( I should be proud of this actually ) which made I had to take the 3-hour-practical driving lesson to get license L in May. Ok, then I have to enrol in matriculation college on 26 May and cant continue the ten-hour driving lesson.
Today i finally attended the ten-hour-driving lesson. However, i need to pay RM35 to renew my license L (conclusion: driving needs a lot of money). At first, I thought the driving school instructor would going to teach me to drive on the road which will be very exciting and fun. But, he reteached me the skills to go up hill, to park car and to make the u-turn. Oh, i still could not do well for this three basic skills.
(1) The car slided down when i pulled up the hand brake, fortunately i know how to press brake.
(2) I knocked down a few post when i parked my car. This was so embrassing. *shy*

This afternoon i got to learn driving on 4 to 6 pm.

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